1st Anniversary of transplant
Celebrated by interviewing with Mel Van Dusen which was posted on face book.



It is almost one year to my heart/kidney transplant. Anniversary falls on 22nd Nov.. I had extensive annual medical this week which included detailed Blood tests (19 vials), Chest X-rays, Cat scan, EKG, Ultrasound, Left a and Right Heart Catheterization, heart Biopsy and Angiography. I am declared healthy and undertake any new endeavors as per my cardiology team. What would be better than paying a visit to my folks in India who have not seen me in last 5 years. Next step will be to get all the inoculations next week. As soon as the formalities are over, I am home free. Hurrah.


Monday 9/29/14

I been lazy and so much full of s… that I did not go gym for last 2 weeks or so. One thing or the other kept on coming like kidney biopsy, appointments, cataract surgery, CTDN walk and visit by Jose’s family. But still should be no excuse for not going to gym. I should go regularly like taking my pills.



Zaira and family plans to be here this evening. I fell sleep real early last night and got up at 2:00 am. Started cooking for the guests. Made some garbanzo beans. Took shower and felt like dressing up real early at 5:00am. Some times I enjoy doing crazy things, things which do not make sense to others, more so now than before. Picked Saten and brought him here to the ElCamino Hospital. Planning to stop at dialysis center in Los Gatos to see Elaine.

Had a post biopsy appointment11:00 am at UCSF. Wanted to leave home around 9:15 am, but when saw unexpected cloudy and rainy forecast on TV, decided to leave as early as 8:30am, and was I right. Traffic was backed up at the entrance of highway. I just wanted to give up and go home as I thought it would be backed up all through the way since it was first rain of the season. It took me about an hour to make it till sunnyvale and traffic opened up after that and I made it with enough time to spare. I was lucky to be scheduled with Dr. Chandra. We discussed about my results which were normal accept for little inflammation in the graft. Upon asking she explained that when they find lot of white cells in biopsy it is considered that kidney is under attack and good chance of being rejected. When a few or some WBCs are found medical term is inflammation. All I need to do is get blood analyzed regularly and keep an eye on it. After discussing the results she pointed out that I was a good patient. And hen started on why other patients are not like that, why Indians avoid getting medical help, why they start giving up so early. It was nice to learn her prospective on these issues. At end I gave her a hug and felt some kind of connection with her. May my sister’s name is Chandra too. In medical field, it is probably forbidden to be friendly with patients in medical field, but a personal connection may be the key to treating a patient successfully and Dr. Wiesshar at heart transplant unit at kaiser would certainly vouch for that.

It’s time for cataract surgery of right eye. Shinda drove me to the hospital as I had to be accompanied by somebody, a must for surgery. Once inside same routine, after identifications, going thru medicine list and few other questions got on the bed. Nurse gave me an option to keep my clothes on or put on the gown. To my surprise, I feeling uncomfortable lying on a hospital bed in my clothes. Something was not right, when I had to wear the the gown I hated that, and now I when given the options I felt more comfortable in the gown. May be I have got used to wearing gown, but do you get used to these things? Same kind of bed and surrounded by nurses. And then the moment I always dread about, time put intravenous catheter, in case I need profusion. I told the nurses that I was tough to be poked, but they saw some very good veins on my right arm. Was given lidocaine to numb the area and the nurse very confidently poked me, when she could not get my vein, she was trying again and again pulling out a little and again going in without any success. Finally she pulled the needle out and another nurse took over. She tried a different spot without any luck. By now my patience was exhausting but what could I do. At the third poke another nurse, whom they called to help, was able to get it and that too with much smaller needle size, 24. It does not hurt much but the idea of being poked with needle and trying to get to the vein by pulling out a bit and again going in do not make anybody comfortable. I always wonder if it is the inexperience of nurses or my veins or just my bad luck. I have heard a lot of excuses, lot of scar tissue, veins move, veins are not big enough and a new one, the valve in the vein is blocks the needle. I wonder that if my veins are the problem then why other experienced nurses are able to get it at just first poke. But never expressed that any of the nurses, I always put the blame on my veins so that they do not feel embarrassed.
This time on the bed felt different. I was relaxed and yapping a lot with the nurses around, more than I generally do. One thing is the staff had lot of respect for me and were interested in listening my transplant story and the other is that I am now pro at these things and do not worry about these minor surgeries. When asked if I want some mild sedation, I chose to go without one as I wanted to go home early rather waiting few hours to wait to wear off anesthesia. During the procedure I was looking at the light as instructed, I did not feel any pain and after a minutes into to it I stared relaxing. Before I knew, surgeon got up and announced the procedure was complete and successful.

I was released within 15 minutes with a few instructions and without any eye cover or bandage. On the way back, I was already seeing things more clearly. Modern medical technology never stops to amaze me. In just minutes I was able see thing lot more clearly.